Our Farm Store & Farm Stand

Our farm fresh eggs are available year-round in our Milkhouse, which doubles as the "wet end" of our textile studio, and our Winter Farm Store from Halloween through Memorial Day.

Our Farm Store, located in our Carriage House along with our textile studio, is open daily from 10am to 6pm from Memorial Day through the Winter Holidays.

Our Farm Stand is open daily from July 4th through Halloween. We operate on an honor system so feel free to stop by at your convenience.

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We proudly offer the following products in Our Farm Store located in our Carriage House:

eggs.png    eggplant.jpg     pottery-bowls-min.jpg

squash.jpg      pottery-min.jpg       tomatoes.jpg

cauliflower.jpg         julies-hats-min.jpg         bread-min.jpg

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The farm store is a drop off spot for Heart of the Catskills Wish List Items and for Our Community of Caring items, especially diapers for Blissful Baby Bottoms and hand made hats, scarves, mittens and lap blankets for seniors and children.

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We are so pleased to offer the book for children of all ages called "One Heart" based on the song of the same name written by Tara Drouin of the band Iridesence and illustrated by Nancy Noskewicz. Click on the image to download the song and sing along in celebration of love and caring for all because Everybody's Got One Heart!

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