Back to the Future - A 21st Century Working Landscape

10/8/18, 11:42 AM

By: Judith Cheng, Diane Frances & Julie Rockefeller

Diane and Larry at La Basse Cour  are focused on advancing the practice of regenerative agriculture and the relocalization of our economy.  They envision their farm, store, and B&B as fully integrated components of a healthy, working landscape. To that end, they are building partnerships with others who are like-minded. When the store re-opens this Spring, it will offer goods sourced from other sustainable natural-resource based businesses in addition to the vegetables,  eggs, and yarn produced from La Basse Cour's own garden and animals. 

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This vision of a vibrant local economy that operates in balance with nature is both "old-fastioned / traditonal" and "modern / science-based". The desired result is sustainable agricultural on a human scale, which allows the beauty of the landscape to be conserved while keeping more local money circulating within the community.

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The farm store will be much more than a place to shop. Situated in the spacious carriage house, it will serve as a gathering spot -- a place to share information, to learn from and encourage one another.

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The community textile studio is stocked with several looms and spinning wheels, all just waiting to be put to good use -- and of course it only takes a few minutes to brew a friendly cup of tea!


Contact Diane Frances at 607-538-9707 or to learn more about what is planned, and to find out how you can get involved.